An idea that pushes boundaries.

Design What?

Design That. is a community project that identifies and solves problems with design. It’s a project born out of a desire to put design in to action in the community, using critical thinking and strategic partnerships to find practical solutions to complex topics.

Who’s behind this?

BVH Architecture is a Nebraska-based firm that’s been in business for 50 years. They pursue architecture at the critical confluence of a commitment to people, the pursuit of knowledge and a sense of wonder.

When BVH was founded in 1968, the founders didn’t just want to create another architecture firm, they wanted a firm that pushed boundaries and impacted the community. As BVH was brainstorming how to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the team came up with the concept for Design That. – a project that takes the BVH founders’ mission to heart.

How are projects chosen?

Design That. uses a two-step approach to identify projects. We begin by undergoing a master planning process, where we dig deep to find out if we can solve the problem with design.

If so, we take the next steps to get the project up and running – whether that means more research, planning or fundraising. The pace of every project will be different, and part of our charge is to find a schedule that suits everyone.

If the project doesn’t seem like a good fit, we still want to do our best to help. We will work to bridge a connection to a community resource that could help. Part of our desire to launch Design That. is to let us leverage the many wonderful organizations, people, and resources we’ve worked with over the decades and help facilitate new relationships.

Design That Projects:

  • Have no geographic constraints – Lincoln, Omaha, Nebraska, and beyond.
  • Have no scale or size. The project being the right fit is more important than how big or small it is.

Interested in how it works?

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