Reuse & Rebuild

Sustainability, Urban Development

Phase 1


In the neighborhoods in Lincoln that fall under the purview of the South of Downtown Association, there is a canopy of over 50 trees that could disappear within the next year. Why? The Emerald Ash Borer – an invasive beetle special that’s literally eating away and infecting any Ash tree in its path. In Lincoln, alone, the Ash Borer is expected to devastate over 20,000 trees, leaving many neighborhoods void of the shade and greenery they once enjoyed.


  • Remove the 60+ trees along the F street corridor
  • Establish a safe and economical removal process
  • Recycle the 8,000+ board feet of wood
  • Find partners to utilize the wood for community purposes


  • Infected ash trees
  • +8,000 board feet of wood

Phase 2


Instead of seeing these trees as a problem, we want to turn this challenge into an empowering opportunity. Our goal is to reuse the +8,000 board feet of wood to rebuild the neighborhoods. From benches to community gardens, to repairing worn wood floors and sagging porches, we want to bring life back in to these neighborhoods in the most creative way possible.

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